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The slow recovery of the global economy is expected to continue in 2014 and 2015. The downside geopolitical risks have however increased in the last months. The affect of the East Ukraine conflict has an effect on the European economy, but there are other geopolitical tensions that can have an affect on the global economy such as slower growth in world trade or higher oil prices. This shows us how fragile the global economic recovery is. Read more

SEO is all about content marketing right now, isn't it? Just keep adding content to your webiste, and your ranking should go up, or at least get you more brand awareness. But what if nobody reads your posts? Read more

Curious about the possibilities to find your target audience on Facebook?   Read more

One of the things Google attaches great value to for its indexing is the speed of websites and web pages. The faster your website, the greater the chance that your website will be found better in search engines. "Google Page Speed ​​Insights" measures the performance of a web page on mobile devices and desktop devices. 
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