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More leads equals more business. The RealTime Lead Group offers different ways to communicate with your target group and market your company online.
Our Online Marketing Solutions combined with our International Data Services, is a great way for you to get more leads! 

Through our B2B Email Marketing, you can come in contact with the companies of your choice, within our international database of 250 million companies, and tell them your message, allowing you to identify quality leads and turn leads into sales and prospects into buyers. To increase your brand awareness and get more visitors to your website, we will help you set up your Google Adwords campaign. 
And to analyze the statistics of your website and identify your visitors, we offer B2B WebAnalytics. If you are interested in finding new procurement projects, our Global Tender Tool offers you a collection of international tenders, updated daily.


B2B Email MArketing

Email marketing is a very powerful tool in keeping your (potential) customers informed. Email allows for a personal approach and gives you immediate insight into the reach and effect of your message. A highly effective way of drawing attention to your products and services, attracting more visitors to your website and ... increasing your sales!
B2B Email Marketing provides a comprehensive 
email marketing platform to help you to easily create your email campaigns, plan the delivery and get comprehensive reports. In addition, the report is accompanied by a detailed list of companies whom have shown interest in the offer of your campaign. You can directly follow up your leads!

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B2B Adwords

Guaranteed to reach the top of the search engine results with Google Adwords. B2B Adwords will help you to optimize your Google Adwords campaign.
We will set up your campaign as effective as possible and monitor the campaign during the campaign for the best optimization and the best results!
By creating an Adwords campaign based on your specific keywords, your ad will get to the top of the Google results page, every time! 

The traffic to your website will increase and your turnover will grow! And, since you don't pay for the ad itself, but only for every visitor landing on your website, you can be sure of your investment.

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B2B Webanalytics

Your website is an important sales channel. And you keep investing in it. Not only in the design and maintenance of the site itself, but also in attracting visitors through campaigns, search engine optimization and social media. But do you know whether these investments yield enough? And are you using all opportunities to generate leads from your website?
B2B WebAnalytics gives insight in the important statistics of your webste and your premium company profiles such as number of visitors, popular pages, number of times your company data has been downloaded etc. But more importantly, B2B WebAnalytics identifies the specific companies that have visited your website and your company's premium company profiles; information that is crucial for converting visitors into measurable results!

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Looking for a manufacturer, supplier, exporter or service provider? Whatever activities your company focuses on, the Global Tender Tool offers a comprehensive international network to select potential business partners and bid on European procurements.
Through the Global Tender Tool, you get a safe and efficient way to get in touch with new business partners. The list of international tenders is updated (almost) on a daily basis with about 1500 public procurement notices from the European Union, the European Economic Area and beyond. You can find and subscribe to the tenders by country, region, business sector, et cetera. 

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