our Financial services

The RealTime Lead Group has access to detailed financial information of companies worldwide. From standard to customized solutions, the RTL- Group can offer you a wide range of services in the field of finance to include: collection routes, credit management, financial reports, credit, corporate relationships, credit checks and factoring. This information allows you to advance your financial risk mapping and based on your risks, analyze and assess.


B2B financials

Avoid working with unreliable parties. In doing business with new parties, it is important to first know if these parties are able to meet the payment obligations. B2B Financials holds the most recent financial and operational data of national and international businesses. This includes data on registered annual reports, as well as payment credentials, real-estate information on the companies and cross references of executives.
With B2B Financials you get insight into the creditworthiness of a company. From standard to customized solutions, we offer a wide range of financial services such as: financial reports, credit management, credit checks and insolvency reporting.

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B2B Business Factoring

In order to meet the delivery conditions of your customer, you need to invest in additional business assets on a short term. How do you organize the cash flow for this investment? These days it’s getting more and more difficult to appeal to the bank for support. To increase the cash flow for your business you can consider selling your account receivables to a third party, the factoring partner, in exchange for cash payment of the accounts before their actual due date.

Partnerships with renowned and accredited factoring partners enables B2B Business Factoring to offer reliable, flexible financing solutions. These partnerships allow us to appeal to an international network of factoring partners that can take over and finance your account receivables, both nationally and internationally. This makes doing responsible business with (international) customers a lot easier. 

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