B2B Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost efficient and effective way to expand your customer database, nurture leads and keep in touch with existing clients. You can quickly set up an email campaign or regular newsletter and send personalized emails to clients and prospects. The behavior of your readers is monitored in the background, so you can instantly have a look into the effects of your email marketing activities. 

B2B Email Marketing offers you an easy online emailing platform to help you with your marketing activities for your current customers or new prospects. The emailing platform includes various templates and a dynamic reporting dashboard. B2B Email Marketing is a powerful tool to tell prospects and customers about your products and services, generate traffic to your website and… increase sales!  

Via the partner mailing program of B2B Email Marketing, we offer companies the opportunity to come in contact with new partners and prospects in the (international) B2B databases of the RealTime Lead Group.